A few months ago a purchased a crochet book advertised as for beginners aged 7 and up. Perfect, or so I thought. I expected to pick it up and be able to come up with marvellous creations at once. This was definitely not the case. Although it explained each stitch in a reasonable manner it did not demonstrate how to get from one stitch to another, or even why you’d want to. After much frustration I threw in the towel.

IMG_4005a - Copy (800x212)

A few months on, on crutches with my leg in a thigh to ankle splint, I bought a crochet magazine to keep me entertained. The photo diagrams demonstrating the various stitches looked promising. I still failed to pick it up and decided to search on YouTube.

IMG_4075a - Copy (800x510)

From YouTube I learnt the basic stitches and progressed to make flowers within 3 evenings.  I was chuffed to get to the point of making “something”.

In my excitement I ordered more books.  Sifting through I settled on learning how to make granny squares.

IMG_4050a - Copy (800x354)Once I understood the relationship and point of different stitches crochet became much easier.  I look forward to learning much more and sharing my projects, of ever increasing complexity, with you.

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