Creating Keepsakes

I must admit I’m a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to things with sentimental value. I have a huge bag of Joseph’s clothes in the attic containing his first outfit, his coming home outfit, first Halloween, Children in Need and Christmas outfit, he just looked extra cute in it outfit………..sound familiar?  The thing is I only get this bag out to put more in it, and I’m going to run out of space pretty swiftly.

I’ve seen keepsake quilts and blankets online but found the thought of embarking on such a large item a little daunting, especially when it meant cutting up my baby boy’s clothes! So I started small and made a cushion.  This irregular mosaic is created from just 7 garments. I decided on an irregular layout to accommodate the motifs I wanted to use, regular squares really limit this, and I much prefer the end result which I think looks more modern and stylish.  The patchwork is bordered and backed with polka dot poly cotton in navy and white, really complimenting my nautical theme.


This is a handmade item made with love and care.  Designing and making bespoke items takes time.  A 35x55cm cushion can be made for a cost of £25. If you would like to see your little ones precious things turned into a keepsake cushion please drop me a message to discuss your requirements.  You can do this by visiting my contact page.

Crafty Crowe x

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