Book Folding

I think this must have turned out to be one of my most controversial makes! People do not like you harming books. In my defence, before this make, I had never even folded the corner of a book to keep my place. The books used were sad and unloved in the attic, whereas they now have pride of place in the living room. Most importantly there is no cutting involved. All pages could be unfolded and the book read as before.

I had seen these books on Pinterest but had put off making an attempt because they look so complicated. I request at Craft Club to give it a go the following meeting spurred me on to try in advance. I searched the internet for tutorials and patterns, neither of which are easy to come by, and settled on a Butterfly design.


Marking the pages and folding took about 3 hours. I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process for a finished piece that is so striking. I immediately started searching for my next pattern but did not feel particularly inspired.

PSDuring my search I came across a tutorial for making my own pattern. The process uses Photoshop which I fortunately have on my laptop. I quickly learnt why there are not many patterns freely available. The production of a pattern is much more tedious than the folding of the book. I persevered though to come up with my very own folded book from my very own pattern, that gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. I now have a list of new patterns that I wish to create, I just need to find the time to do it.


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