When Two Hobbies Meet

So, it’s been a while. It’s not just my Blog that I’ve been neglecting, but also the sewing machine. Having left the job I’ve had for over eight years on Thursday, and as I’m not starting my new job until November, I’ve found a little time to get the sewing kit out again.

Some time ago Aaron asked me to make him a pouch for an external hard drive so I put that together within 20 minutes this morning. This afternoon I tackled a second item he wanted for his photography, a bean bag. Ideal for supporting a camera when a low profile is required or when you just don’t want to carry a tripod these “specialist” bean bags retail at anything up to £25.


Two rectangles of fabric, a little thread, some Velcro and a bag of dry rice later we have a bean bag with removable, washable cover. I double stitched the inner to minimise the risk of losing rice.  It does the job and for less than a fiver.

I looked for a little inspiration on Pinterest and came upon a blog, According to Gus, which showed a beautiful camera strap slip cover. I took inspiration from this and the referenced tutorial from Priddy Creations.

20141019_175454cI selected my materials, from my ever growing stash, a patterned craft cotton, contrasting plain purple sheeting and a spotted complimentary cotton for the pocket detail. I took time to press the seams at each step, something I often skip to the detriment of the finished product. I am thrilled with the result. A pretty strap which brightens up my camera whilst, in fact, making it more comfortable to carry around. The small pocket is ideal for making sure that spare memory card is always close at hand.


Aaron’s Photos: acrowephotography.com

According to Gus DIY Camera Strap:  http://accordingtogus.com/2011/04/08/diycamerastrapcover/

Priddy Creations Tutorial: http://priddycreations.com/blog/2010/01/27/camera-strap-slipcover-tutorial-of-the-padded-lined-variety/



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