Crafting for Others

I recently lost a friend. Glenys had started off as my infants teacher. I left school and at 11 probably thought no more of it.  At the age of 18, having just done my A levels, I decided to get back in touch. Over the the following years we kept in regular contact, although mostly at birthdays and Christmas. I enjoyed hearing about her ever active life, the computing and photography courses she attended and hearing stories of her grandchildren. On return from honeymoon there was a letter on the door step. It told how Glenys had hoped to see us wed but had been too poorly on the day of our Wedding and was by now  in St Kentigern’s Hospice. This was the first I had known of her illness.

Our contact became more frequent over the coming months, mostly by email, sometimes by post. I shared my news and enjoyed reading about her family.In late May, Glenys sent an email saying how much she was enjoying reading my blog. I was so pleased that it was providing someone with some pleasure. Glenys requested that I make her two items, a brooch and a pendant. I said yes without hesitation and made the brooch with ease and sent immediately. I received a lovely response, “Many, many thanks for the brooch. I love it.” “I felt extra pleasure after reading on Facebook that I was the first crafty item ‘by request’ “.

The pendant proved more of a challenge. It wasn’t something that I’d made before and a lot of thought had to go into it to get it to a standard I was happy with. Much later than I’d intended, I sent the simple pendant consisting of a button covered with fabric with hand sewn embellishments.

Sadly, on 19th July I heard that Glenys had passed away. Last week I attended her funeral. However sad it was I was I was honoured to have my words quoted in the service. “Thank you for being a wonderful, inspirational primary school teacher, you gave me the best start in life.” Despite me not knowing anyone at the service, many of her family knew who I was through the photos, letters and the items I had made her and that she had shared with them. The little time I had taken had obviously meant a lot to her and to have her family approaching me and thanking me was overwhelming.

My message is simple. It maybe through an email, a gift, a phone call, or running an errand but don’t put off until tomorrow what could be done today. I now know that Glenys received the pendant but for a long while having not heard from her I worried that I was too late.

Give your time freely to those who deserve it.

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