An Introduction to Quilting

What a wonderful weekend. On Saturday I paid a visit to our local craft fair with a view of having a stall soon. There was a really friendly atmosphere, some lovely items and a steady flow of people through the door of St Mary’s Church in Rhuddlan. Inspired I gathered my craft stuff and spent the afternoon sat on the lawn making flower brooches.

IMG_4633 (1024x683)

Today I had another course booked in with Christi’s Stitches, “An Introduction to Quilting”.  If I’m honest I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the look of a quilted item but thought it was good to have another skill under my belt. I’m so glad I went for it as I love it.

Almost tripped at the first hurdle, having forgotten to bring it along, I searched for the dimensions of my tablet online and estimated the dimensions of the flip case I keep it in.  Fabric chosen and cut to size, it was time for some accurate measuring, marking the lining fabric as a guide for sewing.  DSC_2853 (614x1024)Then followed MANY pins. I worried that the fabric would gather or that I’d end up with tucks in it but I was assured that sufficient pins would prevent this from happening. The pins were adequately spaced to allow me to sew between without removing them in one direction. The pins were then progressively removed to allow sewing on the angle to complete the diamond like pattern.

The edges were trimmed to neaten it up before adding a zip, something I hadn’t tried before.  Christi showed me how to shorten a zip to the desired length, another useful skill. Zip attached and sides sewn up, a zigzag stitch was used on the internal edges for a tidy finish. Turned the right way I am so pleased with the outcome, and the dainty bow fabric lining is a beautiful touch. The good news is my tablet fits…………..just!

I’m now left wondering what to make next with my new found skills!

IMG_4637 (1024x683)


If anyone is interested in one of Christi’s courses you can see Christi’s Facebook page here:

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