The Big Three Oh!

So this is the academic year in which myself and my cohort turn 30. Where has the time gone? The search for “special” gifts begins for those I am close to. Presents are hard to choose every year but this year I feel the pressure is on to give something that little bit more special.

I thought long and hard and decided that putting my own time and patience into a gift would provide a personal touch and result in a unique gift. Nothing leant itself better to this than free form machine embroidery. I purchased some calico for a plain background, some beautiful floral and spotted cotton and the correct foot for my machine.

DSC_0090 (640x360)I threaded the machine with a high contrast red and set about creating a random pattern on one corner of the calico. This was the first time I had used this technique but had read up well. Working with the feed dogs lowered took some getting used to and at first I still wanted to turn the fabric.

DSC_0091 (640x360)Once satisfied with the random pattern I used the machine to sew two red hearts onto the calico again using a contrasting thread, this time black. Here, on the reverse of the fabric, you can clearly see that I went around the hearts several times to create a rustic feel, and to make sure that the fabric was caught well so not to fray.

Then I needed to make it into something useful. I decided a little purse, lined with red cotton with white polka dots, would fit the bill. Now to decide what to make for the next birthday!

DSC_0093 (640x472)

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