A keepsake quilt, the start of something new?

I didn't realise how busy life after being made redundant would be. This week has been particularly manic - volunteering as a TA, business start up workshops, college, job searching, interview preparation, crafting and, of course, being mummy. I have finished Joseph's keepsake quilt after a good few evenings working on it. The choosing garments, … Continue reading A keepsake quilt, the start of something new?

Creating Keepsakes

I must admit I'm a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to things with sentimental value. I have a huge bag of Joseph's clothes in the attic containing his first outfit, his coming home outfit, first Halloween, Children in Need and Christmas outfit, he just looked extra cute in it outfit...........sound familiar?  The … Continue reading Creating Keepsakes

Book Folding

I think this must have turned out to be one of my most controversial makes! People do not like you harming books. In my defence, before this make, I had never even folded the corner of a book to keep my place. The books used were sad and unloved in the attic, whereas they now … Continue reading Book Folding

Sunday Morning Applique

Following on from the "Confidence Booster" course with Christi's Stitches where I made my bunting, I had booked myself on to another course almost immediately, this time "Applique". I have had a fair amount amount of practise at home but not dared stray from straight stitch and straight lines.  Another stunning setting today, especially given … Continue reading Sunday Morning Applique