A Weekend of Small Projects

Another lovely long weekend with lots of socialising with great friends, meeting and cuddling babies and, of course, a little crafting.

My papercraft flowers, from an earliest post, have been sat forlornly on the sideboard (and coming apart at the joints!) for some weeks. I had been wondering what to do with them and turned to Google for ways to make stems. IMG_4462A little internet shopping supplied me with pipe cleaners and florists tape so I made some stems and, armed with a glue gun, brought them back to life. Florist tape is amazing! It has a waxy finish which sticks to itself but not you and stretches slightly to cover things, and hold them together, quickly and effectively.

I’ve recently been toying with the idea of doing a craft fair at my local church. I don’t really think it’s realistic to expect to be able to make money with the expense of materials and my time but if I keep everything I’m making it’s going to be very costly and fill the house. So, I’ve set about finding projects which are relatively and quick and easy, yet effective.

This weekend I turned to my “Mollie Makes” magazine to make a fab flower brooch with vintage style button centre. I also made a hanging lavender heart. At about 30-45 minutes to make on my first attempt these are fairly manageable projects and great for using up small pieces of fabric.





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